Monday, January 25, 2010

The Changing of the Guard, but The Emperor Wears 3D Clothes

It's been awhile since I posted, but I was working on a VERY big project (more on that in the near future). Thankfully the first major hurdle is complete and on to the next three....

Yep I said three. *Shaking my head*

But I perused through the blog and realized the last post was about the hype of Avatar. LMAO

Quickly and without any fanfare I won't make this a full review nor will I call it a 50 word review, but...

Was it over hyped? Yes. Is it a good movie? Yes, especially in Imax 3D. Did I feel like I was watching the changing of Hollywood and the way it creates films? Not at all. I felt like I was watching REALLY impressive special effects by WETA Digital which is known for making REALLY great special effects (See: The Lord of The Rings Trilogy). The basic story was nothing new, but I appreciate the way the actors were captured by the WETA Digital staff. I'm sure this was one helluva behemoth to produce, but hey that's why you have $200 Million right?

Pardon my cynicism, it's a good film and I'm happy 3D has advanced beyond an actor poking a spear into the camera for the "ooooh" effect.

I however, think that the BIG change in filmmaking can be seen in smaller big ways. I think it's with the RED camera bringing very impressive photography for cheaper (see The Book of Eli or coming soon "The Truth About Lies" a short film I co-produced with writer/director Shalako Gordon *shameless plug*). It's in Final Cut Pro allowing young talented minds to edit on their laptops. The state of film is changing in the computer screen/mobile phone screen you're reading right now which will soon be the place many films are PREMIERED.

*steps off soapbox*

OK going off to do some schedules and film related work while I also work on two or three stunts I plan on bringing to the site.

oh yeah...Congrats to the Producers of The Hurt Locker, Up, Mad Men, Precious and everyone else that won a PGA tonight.

"Tell 'em why you're mad, sun!" - The Madd Rapper

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Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm UP and at 'em

Busy busy busy. I've been that and more. As usual the Spring/Summer comes and the projects and responsibilities increase. One day all is quiet the next moment, I open the door and all hell has broken loose outside of it. I just finished a stint with a reality program pilot. Reality TV is hilarious hectic and helter skelter. At one point it really felt like we were shooting a film. I can't wait to see the final product of our 14 hour days.

Next week I buckle in on a trailer/presentation piece for an upcoming documentary. That trailer should work it's way onto the Black Cloud Films site as soon as it's signed off on (or maybe not) by the star of the doc.

There's also a few things I've edited and/or produced I'd like you to see that have been hiding out for final approval from various clients.

How can I forget the reading and writing. I have lots of reading (scripts) and writing (novel and scripts) that have to be completed this Summer for big time Fall fun. I'm back in the world of the living.

There are maybe a handful of short interstitials I'd like to complete before the Summer is done and some really cool t-shirts I'm going to unveil rather soon in the future.

And of course there are ALL of those calls I couldn't return over the last two weeks.

I'll return all of those calls right now...

PS Go see UP! It is by far one of the best films of the year so far. The first 10 minutes of the film is a movie in itself. Fabulous filmmaking. Pixar strikes again. This is next year's Oscar winner for animated film or my name is Johnny No Taste.

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