Monday, January 25, 2010

The Changing of the Guard, but The Emperor Wears 3D Clothes

It's been awhile since I posted, but I was working on a VERY big project (more on that in the near future). Thankfully the first major hurdle is complete and on to the next three....

Yep I said three. *Shaking my head*

But I perused through the blog and realized the last post was about the hype of Avatar. LMAO

Quickly and without any fanfare I won't make this a full review nor will I call it a 50 word review, but...

Was it over hyped? Yes. Is it a good movie? Yes, especially in Imax 3D. Did I feel like I was watching the changing of Hollywood and the way it creates films? Not at all. I felt like I was watching REALLY impressive special effects by WETA Digital which is known for making REALLY great special effects (See: The Lord of The Rings Trilogy). The basic story was nothing new, but I appreciate the way the actors were captured by the WETA Digital staff. I'm sure this was one helluva behemoth to produce, but hey that's why you have $200 Million right?

Pardon my cynicism, it's a good film and I'm happy 3D has advanced beyond an actor poking a spear into the camera for the "ooooh" effect.

I however, think that the BIG change in filmmaking can be seen in smaller big ways. I think it's with the RED camera bringing very impressive photography for cheaper (see The Book of Eli or coming soon "The Truth About Lies" a short film I co-produced with writer/director Shalako Gordon *shameless plug*). It's in Final Cut Pro allowing young talented minds to edit on their laptops. The state of film is changing in the computer screen/mobile phone screen you're reading right now which will soon be the place many films are PREMIERED.

*steps off soapbox*

OK going off to do some schedules and film related work while I also work on two or three stunts I plan on bringing to the site.

oh yeah...Congrats to the Producers of The Hurt Locker, Up, Mad Men, Precious and everyone else that won a PGA tonight.

"Tell 'em why you're mad, sun!" - The Madd Rapper

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