Thursday, February 26, 2009

Melyssa Ford King Magazine Photoshoot

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This shot by photographer Charlie Langella in King Magazine's 50th Issue speaks volumes. There's a story behind every picture taken. There's a journey that each photographer and model take together and then again with us as the viewer.

Fresh off the edit...Here's a behind the scenes look at the King Magazine photoshoot featuring my homie Melyssa Ford. Take a look

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Monday, February 23, 2009

8 Oscars! The Final Answer

Wow, I knew Slumdog Millionaire was good, but I never thought EIGHT Oscars!. Congrats to the filmmakers, actors and Fox Searchlight.

Congrats to everyone honored last night and two weeks ago at the Geek Oscars.

I really liked the updates, especially the technical improvements and incredible set pieces. One thing, they couldn't find five incredible directors to honor those incredible auteurs before the award presentation? I'm bias, but I'm saying...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sickening NY Post Cartoon

After seeing this deplorable and disgusting piece of racist imagery in the NY Post, I fired off a quick response to the editors and advertising head of the rag. I'm totally done with them and their website. Not only will I not purchase the newspaper, I won't give them hits by going to their website either. I suggest you do the same. Something has to give.

Dear [Post Editors]

I was horribly offended by the "political cartoon" created by Sean Delonas in today's edition of the New York Post. This blatantly racist comparison of a wild, crazed chimp to President Obama and his administration is deplorable. You are presumably educated members of the media and know firsthand how images are interpreted by your readers and the world. Before there is an attempt to brush this imagery under the rug as a "misunderstanding", I would like you to personally explain how presumably educated people allowed this image to be printed.

You are well aware of the history of prejudicial and racists drawings of African American people as monkeys, chimps and apes and Mr. Delonas' cartoon is a direct descendant of hateful racist propaganda. The buffoonery took it one step horribly lower by associating an assassination of the animal as being comedic. This is not only in poor taste, but a treacherous suggestion to place in the minds of your readers with regards to our President.

Going forward I will no longer purchase your publications nor visit your website. Furthermore, I intend to boycott your advertisers both for your online and printed business. I am can assure you I am not alone in my feelings or actions and you will need to answer to many many more New Yorkers and Americans on this issue.

There is in no way that in the year of our lord 2009, anyone should stand by and allow such racist, dangerous trash to be printed. It is with a deep disgust with your organization that I request a retraction and printed apology to President Obama and his administration, the American people as well as animal lovers. Perhaps it is time that your publication become a symbol of something besides sensationalism, racism, prejudice and apathy to victims' rights. You are as responsible for our future as a nation as it's citizens and should act accordingly.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gettysburg Distress

Wow! After a great selling run with the President Obama/Amazing Spidrman tie-in, The good folks over at Marvel Comics decided to bring good ol' Honest Abe into the fight. The comic can be read for free on the Marvel website if you register. I think President Obama just made being the President a cool ass job! Who'da thunk it!??

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Have You Visualized Your Itunes Lately!!??

I haven't turned the visualizer on (control T) in ITunes in quite awhile. The psychedlic Scooby-Doo effect was a bit old for me. Then lo and behold I turned it on while listening to some new tracks by Pharrell, Lil Wayne and Mos Def and WOW. Whatever galaxy collision smoke they're toking now in Cupertino, CA is a feast for the eyes!

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

One Shall Stand One Shall Fall

I felt a little bad about posting the GI Joe spot and not giving any love to Transformers:Rise of The Fallen. I don't know why I'd feel bad about not promoting a film I have absolutely NOTHING to do with. BUT...the first film was a great ride and it looks like Michael Bay has done that thing he does (cue big awesome explosion here) well...again.

And as a fan, I can't help, but think that the shot at the end of what looks like Devastator busting through the highway overpass and going after Optimus Prime is pretty damn amazing. Those good people at Paramount are really stacking up the Summer Blockbusters aren't they...

Go ahead and Roll Out

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Click Click Cameras

When it comes to moving pictures, I REALLY am partial to the HD Digital video phenomenon. It makes it possible to shoot beautiful projects like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and no one can tell they're not actually watching FILM (as in the real film that you put in a film camera as opposed to tape or digital media). The costs can be kept to a minimum and the workflow is sped up considerably. I don't even want to know how much CCBB would've cost if shot on film especially considering David Fincher's preference for multiple takes (read 20-30 takes) of a shot. Not a crack, he's on my short list of genius directors.

However, when it comes to still image I'm still partial to the old click click film image. I even refer to it like that ("I need a click click camera not a digi-cam"). There have been some great advances in digital imagery and like anything, you have to pay a lot for the best digital cameras to even come close to the grainy image you get with a regular click-click.

So now I see there's a new rehash of the old Russian Lubitel. Which I'm sure produces some beautifully grainy, Life magazine-esque shots.

If that's too intimidating, there's still the first "click clicks" that caught my eye recently, the Diana F clones that are available in all sorts of stylish colors and with special 35MM adapters and accessories.

They're all available over at Lomography and I'm going to be sure to put a healthy dosage of these on my birthday wish list. Perhaps one day I'll take my Bell & Howell Reflex (still looking for film for this thing), the Lubitel and the Diana out on the street. I'll capture some stuff with some cool people, mash it together and see what we get.

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