Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sleep is the devil

Rip Van Winkle
"What do you mean it's been put in turnaround? I wasn't asleep that long!"

I'm behind on chapter writing for the novel. I'm behind on script writing for the short. I'm behind! Behind! Behind! This is exactly what happens when I sleep too much! If I feel like "hey wow, I slept a lot this week" then that means I haven't been productive. I will solve that for the rest of this week. There are plenty of things that have to happen before this Summer is done with film related and novel related goals so there's no time to waste.

I've also added a couple more responsibilities to the list including possibly co-producing a short and doing something for a documentary. I say something because thus far I've edited the trailer for the "coming soon" of the documentary which went semi-well for the co-producers. Lots of notes from some, no notes from others. Apparently, I'm a pretty good editor;-)

What are you behind on? What's holding you up? Whatever it is...banish it to the corner. Cuz unlike "Baby", we have have to put it in the corner.


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