Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sickening NY Post Cartoon

After seeing this deplorable and disgusting piece of racist imagery in the NY Post, I fired off a quick response to the editors and advertising head of the rag. I'm totally done with them and their website. Not only will I not purchase the newspaper, I won't give them hits by going to their website either. I suggest you do the same. Something has to give.

Dear [Post Editors]

I was horribly offended by the "political cartoon" created by Sean Delonas in today's edition of the New York Post. This blatantly racist comparison of a wild, crazed chimp to President Obama and his administration is deplorable. You are presumably educated members of the media and know firsthand how images are interpreted by your readers and the world. Before there is an attempt to brush this imagery under the rug as a "misunderstanding", I would like you to personally explain how presumably educated people allowed this image to be printed.

You are well aware of the history of prejudicial and racists drawings of African American people as monkeys, chimps and apes and Mr. Delonas' cartoon is a direct descendant of hateful racist propaganda. The buffoonery took it one step horribly lower by associating an assassination of the animal as being comedic. This is not only in poor taste, but a treacherous suggestion to place in the minds of your readers with regards to our President.

Going forward I will no longer purchase your publications nor visit your website. Furthermore, I intend to boycott your advertisers both for your online and printed business. I am can assure you I am not alone in my feelings or actions and you will need to answer to many many more New Yorkers and Americans on this issue.

There is in no way that in the year of our lord 2009, anyone should stand by and allow such racist, dangerous trash to be printed. It is with a deep disgust with your organization that I request a retraction and printed apology to President Obama and his administration, the American people as well as animal lovers. Perhaps it is time that your publication become a symbol of something besides sensationalism, racism, prejudice and apathy to victims' rights. You are as responsible for our future as a nation as it's citizens and should act accordingly.

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Blogger Latinegro said...

Great Job on the letter. I never liked the NY Post and I remember when we were kids that this newpaper was in danger of dying out. Lets hope when that does happen again that they are not saved.

February 22, 2009 1:27 PM  

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