Friday, February 6, 2009

Click Click Cameras

When it comes to moving pictures, I REALLY am partial to the HD Digital video phenomenon. It makes it possible to shoot beautiful projects like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and no one can tell they're not actually watching FILM (as in the real film that you put in a film camera as opposed to tape or digital media). The costs can be kept to a minimum and the workflow is sped up considerably. I don't even want to know how much CCBB would've cost if shot on film especially considering David Fincher's preference for multiple takes (read 20-30 takes) of a shot. Not a crack, he's on my short list of genius directors.

However, when it comes to still image I'm still partial to the old click click film image. I even refer to it like that ("I need a click click camera not a digi-cam"). There have been some great advances in digital imagery and like anything, you have to pay a lot for the best digital cameras to even come close to the grainy image you get with a regular click-click.

So now I see there's a new rehash of the old Russian Lubitel. Which I'm sure produces some beautifully grainy, Life magazine-esque shots.

If that's too intimidating, there's still the first "click clicks" that caught my eye recently, the Diana F clones that are available in all sorts of stylish colors and with special 35MM adapters and accessories.

They're all available over at Lomography and I'm going to be sure to put a healthy dosage of these on my birthday wish list. Perhaps one day I'll take my Bell & Howell Reflex (still looking for film for this thing), the Lubitel and the Diana out on the street. I'll capture some stuff with some cool people, mash it together and see what we get.

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