Saturday, January 31, 2009

Go Joe

As a kid, I was a big fan of GI Joe. I owned a ton of the toys. I mean a TON! I watched the cartoon and loved the TV only GI Joe Movie with that horribly corny Cobra King character (Cobra la la la la la la...LOL). This Summer the good folks at Paramount Pictures are releasing the feature film. Hey if Transformers can do it...

And now we get our first tease of the film. A perfect action tease (film wise)shows you some major characters, gives you some action, some special effects, a funny quip and seems to end too early. Nothing too much to look at, but makes you say "Whoa..what was that?" This is a perfect tease. Hopefully, director Steven Sommers (The Mummy films) can do what Bay did for Transformers and bring those over the top characters to life.

Take a look at the trailer: Go Joe

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Blogger Latinegro said...

Son...I am all over this...thanks for sending this to me

February 1, 2009 1:11 AM  
Blogger Brooke said...

I never ever watched G.I. Joe, can you believe it?

February 4, 2009 1:40 AM  
Blogger Andre said...

Any time Latinegro

Brooke, You probably were watching Jem...she was truly outrageous

February 7, 2009 2:27 AM  

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